Setting up a mobile home – how to prepare the foundation?

domki mobilne całoroczne

Kredyt na dom mobilny?

The specificity of a mobile home is that it does not require a building permit, allowing it to be placed on the investor’s plot within a few weeks from signing the contract. While the home is being constructed in the factory, the buyer has time to prepare the ground.

Utility connections in a mobile home

At the design stage, we work with the investor to determine the details of the placement of electrical and plumbing installations so that, upon delivery of the home to the site, connecting utilities poses no issues. The utility exits are located under the home – in places agreed upon with the customer.

Next, we determine the method of installing the home and provide instructions on how to clean, stabilize, and level the terrain.  

What foundation to choose for a mobile home?

A mobile home is most commonly placed on concrete blocks, also known as ‘bloczki betonowe’ or ‘concrete pads’ (point foundation), readily available in construction stores (their total cost ranges from a few dozen to several hundred zlotys). We send the client a technical project with specified support points, as well as information on the number and size of concrete blocks required. By placing the concrete blocks appropriately, we achieve an optimal distribution of the weight of the mobile home. After delivering the mobile home to the site, its wheels are unloaded or removed. After approximately 3 months (when the home settles), it is possible to conceal the gap under the home.

When the terrain is unstable or the investor prioritizes a reliable foundation, it’s worth considering placing the home on a concrete slab. This is a more expensive option, but it is safer and ensures full stability of the structure.

The lifespan of a mobile home

The foundations for a mobile home differ in terms of construction method, cost, and durability. It depends on the client which type of foundation they choose. A mobile home serves its purpose for approximately 30 years. To ensure safety, it must be well positioned and leveled. For this purpose, we recommend using our installation services. However, the investor can arrange the placement of the house on their own.

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