Can you live in a mobile home during winter?

domy mobilne

All Vero Homes are year-round houses, meaning they are resistant to all weather conditions, including snow and frost. Additionally, they are excellently insulated, providing comfort regardless of the weather, throughout all 365 days of the year. You can live in them at any time of the year.

Vero Homes are insulated with a thick layer of open- and closed-cell PUR foam: 20 cm in the roof, 30 cm in the floor, and 12 cm in the walls. We use triple-glazed windows, and for heating, there are underfloor heating mats and heating foils. Additionally, upon the client’s request, we can install a ventilation system with heat recovery (recuperation) or a heat pump. Thanks to the appropriate construction of the house and excellent thermal insulation, thermal bridges do not occur. 90% of our customers live in Vero Homes permanently.

It’s worth noting that Vero Homes are energy-efficient houses with low heating costs, making them cost-effective. Electricity bills in winter are a pleasant surprise for our clients!

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