Mobile Houses
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We offer year-round mobile houses allowing you to live anywhere – close to nature as well as in the middle of a metropolis. Mobile houses are the ideal solution for people who want independence, the ability to live and work where they want. The unique design of the mobile houses allows them to be erected anywhere in the world.

We are keen to respond to our clients’ needs by providing personalised solutions, designed with their comfort in mind. We are also open to cooperate with investors opting for mobile houses for their business.

Eco-houses with a design
Choose an eco-friendly home


If you’re looking for an energy-efficient, and even passive house that can be built on your plot in just 99 days, get to know Vero Homes Developer – eco-homes with a construction project. Thanks to the implementation of a range of modern thermal insulation solutions, the house is cost-effective in operation and environmentally friendly. An energy-efficient house is built using frame technology and is ready for occupancy in 3 months – fully equipped, arranged according to the investor’s guidelines. Discover the offer of energy-efficient homes from VeroHomes.

Our realized projects

See pictures of our houses that we have made for our Clients. Each mobile house and eco-house with a design is a different story, an individual interior and many possibilities.

What sets us apart:


Vero Homes houses offer a wealth of advantages within four walls. The year-round mobile houses and eco-houses with a design that we create are distinguished by their robust finish, the quality of the materials used and the possibility of personalisation. Our Clients have the opportunity to participate in the design of interiors that respond to their needs, ideas and dreams. We love it when the end result surpasses the imagination!

The mobile houses and eco-houses with a design are designed by architects who control the work at every stage of production. We pay particular attention to design and aesthetics. Advanced technology allows us to deliver a finished home in up to 30 days (for a mobile house) and 99 days (for an eco-house). It means no more waiting for the end of construction! Before you know it, a Vero Homes house will be standing on your plot.

If you dream of a place created with you, your loved ones and your needs in mind, take advantage of the opportunity to have a house made according to an individual design in which you can tailor every detail, even the smallest one.

Personalisation of the home

Polish manufacturer

Architect's design

Year-roundness and excellent insulation of the house

Turnkey implementation

Aesthetics and functionality

Completion in 30/99 days (mobile home/eco-house with a design)

Energy efficiency and ecology

Top quality materials

Customised solutions

Choose a mobile house

Check out the available house sizes, sample room layouts and arrangement possibilities.

Remember, we offer personalisation options so that you feel perfectly at home in your new one.

Mobile home for business

The mobile home is an excellent solution for your business. We create, among other things, mobile offices, employee cottages and camping centres.

Choose Vero Homes for your business.

Save money by living in an eco-house

If you want a house on a foundation, find out why you should choose our eco-house with a design.

We can create an energy self-sufficient house for you!

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