The Vero Homes show houses are located near Lubliniec – in Piłka on Koszęcińska Street, while the Vero Homes factory is located in Lisów on Częstochowska 19 Street. If you are interested in coming, please call in advance to arrange an appointment.

We do not have ready-made models, as we tailor each house to the Client’s preferences. We offer mobile houses in four sizes: 35 sq.m. (4×8.7m), 48 sq.m. (4x12m), 56 sq.m. (4x14m), 63 sq.m. (4.5x14m) and eco-houses with a design . Depending on the size of the house, your needs, and expectations, we propose the best possible room layout and space utilization. You can choose the finishing elements by taking inspiration from our material template.

Because it is the house of the future – guaranteeing freedom, self-sufficiency, comfort at an attractive price. It can be placed anywhere you want and relocated if necessary. A mobile house is a house on wheels – you don’t need planning permission and you can use it just a few hours after it has been placed on the plot. We have more arguments. These are: low operating costs, short lead times, the ability to design the facility according to its purpose and to suit your needs.

Yes, Vero Homes’ mobile houses are highly insulated with PUR thermal insulation foam and made from the best building materials used in traditional construction, which guarantees the durability of the structure and resistance to external factors. 90% of our clients live there all year round.

The mobile house is ready to move in (with full installation and equipment) in 4-8 weeks after signing the contract. The waiting time for eco-house with design is – from the moment the project’s accept and permission is obtained – 99 days. 

PUpon signing the contract, the client pays a deposit of PLN 30,000 towards the project. Once the design is approved, half of the order value must be paid and the remaining amount paid when the house is completed, with the signing of the handover protocol.

The warranty period for companies is 12 months, for private individuals 2 years, in addition our houses come with a two-year warranty. At all times we are open to your suggestions or comments and provide efficient after-sales support.

We offer the use of the transport services we offer (we have a suitable fleet and pilots), or you can organise your own transport. The house is loaded onto a low-loader trailer, driven and unloaded closest to the destination. The house is then hooked up to a farm tractor and driven onto the customer’s plot on its own wheels.

Only in the case of wetlands is it recommended that a foundation slab be poured under the house. In other cases, the house can be founded using 8 specially reinforced points in the frame structure, on screw supports or – if desired – on concrete blocks. We will give all instructions on how to prepare the site and possibly level the house ourselves.

Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to answer them. Write to us.

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