What does the transport of a mobile house look like?

Transport domku mobilnego

Kredyt na dom mobilny?

A mobile house, although it has wheels, cannot move on its own on roads.

Vero Homes’ mobile house transport is carried out using a specialised fleet. Our clients can choose to use our services (we have the right vehicles and expert pilots) or to transport the house themselves.

As this transport involves the carriage of oversized cargo, it takes place at night, after the route has been mapped and permission has been obtained from the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways. Roads and entrance gates need to be one metre wider than the house itself in order to transport it safely.

The house is transported in its entirety on a low-loader trailer and unloaded closest to the destination. There it dismounts from the trailer and from then on moves on its own wheels, guided by a farm tractor all the way to the foundation site. Sometimes a crane is used to unload and place the house in the designated location.

Thanks to the wheels underneath the central part of the house, as well as the possibility of using a crane, the house can be manoeuvred and moved around the plot, making it possible to deliver the house even to places that are difficult to access.

The transport is followed by the foundation of the mobile house – here, too, you can use our services or do it yourself. If the site is not waterlogged, there is no need for a foundation slab. The house can be founded on screw supports or concrete blocks. We give all instructions on how to prepare the site and possibly level the house.

Both transport and foundation of the house are not included in the price of the mobile home. The cost of transporting the mobile home depends on the size of the mobile home and the distance from our production site to the customer’s plot.

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