Mobile home facade – which one to choose?

Dom 63 m²

The facade of a house is its business card; it serves a representative function but also a protective one. It must be resistant to atmospheric factors such as rain, snow, sunlight, or strong winds. In Vero Homes mobile homes, we use Kerrafront facade panels and Prefa facades, which excellently fulfill these tasks.

Kerrafront is weather-resistant, resistant to scratches, cracks, impacts, as well as the action of bacteria and fungi – panels made of PVC. They do not deform, and their color does not fade despite the passage of time. Kerrafront facade claddings do not require maintenance, impregnation, or painting. They protect the interior of the house, ensuring proper air circulation and preventing heat loss. Energy-efficient, durable, user-friendly, and visually attractive – that’s what the panels are like. Kerrafront. There are several dozen facade shades to choose from in the Classic, Wood Effect, Modern Wood, Trend, Wood Design, Retro, and Rustic collections.

See a few houses completed by us, where we used Kerrafront panels.

We also use high-quality Prefa facades from the collection: Slate facade, Rhombus facade 20×20, and Prefalz facade system. These are visually appealing, durable facade claddings produced in Austria and Germany. Made of aluminum, they are resistant to external factors and mechanical actions, do not rust, do not crack. Thanks to mounting on a lattice supporting structure, set apart from thermal insulation, they provide excellent ventilation, preventing the formation of mold in the house and ensuring a unique microclimate in the rooms.   

Below, we present examples of Prefa facade applications.

The choice of the type and color of the facade is left to the customer. The standard price of the house includes Kerrafront Classic panels (with a choice of 9 colors). Others (Kerrafront from other collections and Prefa facades) are individually priced and installed for an additional fee.

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