At Vero Homes Developer, we use the best materials and technologies available on the market to ensure that our eco-houses with a design are as energy-efficient and comfortable as possible. Below, we present their specifications.


To meet the expectations of investors, we offer the possibility to customize the eco-house according to individual preferences. We offer turnkey energy-efficient homes, but the final appearance, equipment, and color scheme of the house depend on the buyer and their arrangements with our architect. The investor can opt out of the solutions we propose or choose different ones. We are open to any ideas and suggestions.

SUPPORTING STRUCTURE: steel made of closed and open profiles, protected with anti-corrosion paint. Steel floor structure YEAR-ROUND INSULATION: open- and closed-cell PUR thermal insulation foam in walls, floor and ceiling; Styrofoam and plaster

ROOF: gable or single-pitch; metal roofing tiles in colors and shapes available from the manufacturer

ELEVATION: acrylic facade plaster on a mesh with decorative elements in the form of Kerrafront panels (color of plaster and panels to choose from – according to manufacturers’ palettes)

WINDOWS: triple-glazed, manufactured in accordance with EN 14351-1 standard :
a) 3 windows with dimensions 800×1200 mm or 600×2300 mm
b) 1 window 500×500
c) 1 window 1950×750 mm
d) 4-leaf window with balcony doors (2x fix 990×2100 + balcony doors 1986×2100) or double-leaf sliding window 1980×2100 mm + external door 90 cm

or sliding window 2700×2300 mm + external door 90 cm

DOORS: external single-leaf, steel, anti-burglary with two locks; internal panels with frames – 5 pieces (traditional or sliding door leaves); exit to the terrace – sliding balcony doors

INTERIOR WALLS: framed wooden structure, 18 mm OSB cladding and 12 mm plasterboard

CEILING: suspended, reinforced with 18 mm OSB board, finished with plasterboard. The structure is mounted on a steel profile and 2 wooden battens, insulated with PUR foam and protected with an anti-moisture membrane.

FLOOR FINISHING: ceramic tiles in the bathroom and toilet, floor panels on an underlay in other rooms

ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: sockets and switches(20 pcs), aerial socket, distribution box,
outdoor socket, socket under the house for heating duct

WATER AND SEWAGE INSTALLATION: in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen

VENTILATION: energy-saving recuperator with high efficiency – up to 94% heat recovery. Air supply to rooms, extractor fan with toilet, bathroom and kitchenette

ELECTRIC HEATING: underfloor heating – Termofol foils and heating mats mounted directly under the panels, wi-fi controllers enabling temperature selection in individual rooms

AIR CONDITIONER WITH HEATING FUNCTION: installed in the living room, with a high efficiency factor

ELECTRIC OUTDOOR BLINDS: installed in all window openings, colors matched to window frames

MOSQUITO NETS: roller windows, integrated with roller blinds and sliding doors

LIGHTING: internal LED points arranged according to the investor’s preferences (price includes 25 pieces) and external LED points (6 pieces)
ROOMS: living room with kitchenette, 3 rooms, bathroom, toilet, hall


  • made-to-measure kitchen fitting (5 mb, BLUM fittings, closing: soft-close or tip-on, led lighting between upper and lower cabinet, worktop)
  • built-in oven
  • 4-burner induction hob
  • large built-in fridge-freezer with no frost function
  • built-in dishwasher 45 or 60 cm
  • hood
  • Smart TV (up to 50 inches)
  • tv stand
  • sink with mixer tap
  • corner sofa or sofa with sleeping function
  • decorative pillows
  • coffee table
  • 4 chairs
  • table decoration (4 plates, mats or table runners)
  • carpet
  • 2 curtain rods and curtains
  • 2 frames and posters
  • shower enclosure 90×90 (or bathtub for an additional fee)
  • made-to-measure furniture with a washbasin cabinet
  • wash basin with mixer tap
  • built-in washing machine 40 or 60 cm
  • radiator
  • mirror
  • bathroom accessories
  • bathroom rug
  • wash basin with mixer tap
  • washbasin cabinet
  • free-standing compact toilet
  • mirror
  • bathroom accessories
  • bathroom rug
  • made-to-measure furniture (5 mb, sliding or traditional opening wardrobes, 10 drawers with BLUM fittings)
  • bed 160×200 with liftable frame
  • mattress 160×200
  • bedspread
  • decorative pillows
  • carpet
  • 2 frames and posters
  • made-to-measure furniture
  • 2 beds 90×200
  • 2 mattresses 90×200
  • 2 bedspreads
  • decorative pillows
  • 2 carpets
  • 2 frames and posters
  • made-to-measure furniture
  • console
  • mirror
  • stool
  • frame and poster
Wall cross-section
Roof cross-section

dditional options - for an additional fee

  • alarm
  • monitoring
  • heat pump
  • photovoltaic installation
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